About Pacific Sea Weed

Pacific Sea Weed Cannabis Co. is a trendy and progressive cannabis retailer in the heart of Oyster River.

We are a locally owned and operated small cannabis shop, a community of like minded people, selling the finest assortment of cannabis and cannabis accessories.

We pride ourselves on creating an emotionally enriching experience around cannabis by removing long standing stigma and misconceptions around mother nature's greatest plant.

We cater to long time enthusiasts, first timers, and everyone in between. Come on down and check out our shop and enjoy a comfortable and engaging cannabis shopping experience. Or shop right online by clicking on the menu link above.

Pacific Sea Weed Cannabis Co

Our Mission

This is about self-love, wellness and a slight buzz. We are advocates for creating a positive mindset around the responsible use of cannabis. Natural wellness and feeling good all in one magnificent flower. Honoring and nurturing ourselves creates momentum, a swell of positivity, and camaraderie that will take us higher.

Our Vision

  • To provide a safe, smart and professional experience for our customers
  • To empower and educate to the benefits of responsible cannabis use
  • Create community and support one another whatever your journey may be.
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From Indica to Sativa or Hybrid to CBD we have a variety of your favorites and some dank new strains too.

Edibles are fast becoming a popular item and are in hot demand. With new varieties arriving on scene often.

Dab, smoke, vape, whatever you like we’ve got a wide selection of extracts. So many to choose from.

So many good items fill our shelves in the category from our favorite bath bombs, to creams and salves for those achy muscles.

The backbone of it all – we have a fabulous selection – everything you need to enjoy your weed.